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Sleep better with a cold

Sleep better with a cold

Good sleep is vital for good health. Sleep boosts the immune system, helping the body to ward off infection and prevent a cold taking hold. Considering an adult Australian will average 2-4 colds each year, completely avoiding the lurgy may be mission impossible. When the sniffles and sneezes hit, sleep won't cure a cold but it is essential for allowing the body to heal. Common cold symptoms, a hacking cough, a raw throat and a stuffy nose are not conducive to good sleep, so MiniJumbuk has put together a few of our favourite tips to help you sleep better with a cold.


Enjoy a warm drink - a warm drink can soothe a sore throat and make breathing easier. A deliciously nourishing mug of chicken soup is an age old cure for a cold, while honey is a highly effective cough suppressant that can easily be added to your favourite brew.


Raise your head - pile up your pillows to keep your head raised throughout the night. Laying horizontal allows pressure to build in the sinuses, blocking them, causing pain and making it difficult to breathe. Prop yourself up and let gravity help you sleep easier.


Take a hot shower - have a good old-fashioned eucalyptus steam or even invest in a humidifier. Steam adds moisture to cold air, soothing raw throats and dry noses. A warm bath or shower before bed promotes relaxation and helps you to breathe more freely.


Head to the pharmacy - with a myriad of over the counter cough and cold medications available, you may need to seek advice to ensure any treatment will meet your needs. Many products offer both non-drowsy and night time options, so read the labels carefully to achieve the best outcome for sleep.