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Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

In today's time poor society, any hints or tips that provide instant results are definitely worthy of consideration. And if a positive outcome can be achieved with little or no effort - even better!


The skin care industry has risen to the challenge, offering a range of sophisticated products designed to restore and improve the appearance of our skin while we sleep. Whilst many skin care lotions and potions promise overnight improvement, are they actually delivering, or would a good night's sleep be equally as effective?


In favour of skin care products, warmer skin temperature whilst you sleep ensures deep penetration of any cream or serum applied before bed time. Without the daytime stress of strong sunlight, air conditioning or drying wind, your skin will effectively absorb whatever soothing balm you apply as you sleep.


On the other hand, if you don't sleep, no amount of beauty product will disguise the fact. Described as a 'transformative experience', good sleep offers a wide range of other health benefits. Quality sleep boosts your immune system, performance and memory, simultaneously helping to reduce stress, obesity and the incidence of depression.


Sleep hormone melatonin is a natural anti-oxidant and stress hormone cortisol is associated with thin skin, discolouration and stretch marks. In a well-rested body, cortisol levels are lowered and melatonin levels are increased, both with positive effects on the appearance of the skin. Unsurprisingly, a 2013 sleep study showed that the skin of participants who slept poorly aged more rapidly and was less likely to recover from environmental stress.


So while a quality cosmetic may work wonders on your appearance while you sleep, it seems it would be the recuperative eight hours sleep that is truly responsible for your beauty sleep.

Source The Financial Review