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Spring clean your bedroom

Spring clean your bedroom

While the icy temperatures are still screaming winter, the calendar is definitely showing spring and we all know what that means - Spring Cleaning! On the bright side, this is a brilliant time to give your bedroom a top to toe once over, creating a tranquil haven that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time. So open your windows wide to let in the lovely fresh air and let's get to it.


Start with the clutter - while there is no need to join the minimalist revolution, a good place to start is by putting away all the 'stuff' that seems to accumulate in your bedroom. Organise your cupboards and bedside table. Simply removing visible clutter makes for easier cleaning and creates a soothing experience for the senses helping you to relax at bedtime.


Strip your bed - pop your sheets and quilt covers in the wash. Sunlight is nature's own antibacterial treatment so pick a warm day and your linen will dry outside in no time. Fill up the line, refreshing your quilts,mattress toppers and pillows by hanging them out too. If you are able, even your mattress will benefit from a spot of fresh air. Alternatively a thorough vacuum is great idea and if you can find a spare bed for the night, consider deodorising your mattress by sprinkling with bicarb soda and leaving it for 24 hours before vacuuming.


Clean everything - attack your bedroom with vigour, giving it a comprehensive scrub. Fight dirt, dust and allergies wiping the walls, doors and skirting boards, vacuuming or shampooing the carpet, washing the windows and dusting your furniture. Remember to include any fans or light shades. Curtains or blinds can be spot cleaned, vacuumed or even dry cleaned.


Finally, when you have finished, sink exhausted into your freshly made bed. Has it ever looked so enticing? As you relax and drift off, admire your handiwork, sleep soundly and wake refreshed in your wonderfully sparkling and healthy spring cleaned bedroom.