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Storing your bedding - the do's and don'ts

Storing your bedding - the do's and don'ts

With night time temperatures beginning to plummet, now is the perfect time to pop your summer quilt in to storage and snuggle down under your toasty winter one. Storing your wool quilt correctly is simple and will prolong the life of your product. These handy storage hints will ensure your quilt is fresh and in tip top condition when those hot summer nights roll round again.


  • Always check the care instructions for your quilt and follow any recommendations.
  • Air your quilt before storage. A warm sunny day with a light breeze is ideal. Wool loves fresh air and sunshine and regular airing will keep your quilt fresh, minimising the need for laundering.
  • If your quilt appears clean, rather than washing your quilt, small marks or stains may be removed by spot cleaning the affected area. A hair dryer is perfect for quick drying.
  • After storage, air your quilt again before use. Add drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil to water in a spray bottle to lightly spritz your quilt before hanging outside. The moisture rejuvenates the wool fibres while the eucalyptus will banish any musty storage smells.


  • Storing your quilt with even a small amount of moisture may lead the growth of mould or mildew. Ensure your quilt is completely dry before you put it away. Some quilts are able to be tumble dried on a low setting - check the care label.
  • Plastic bags may increase humidity levels and cause your quilt to sweat with temperature changes. Avoid this by choosing a natural fibre storage bag or loosely wrapping your quilt in a sheet before placing it in a cool, dry and well ventilated spot.
  • Space bags are designed for travel or short term storage. Quilts will be flattened and the fibres damaged if you store your wool quilt in a vacuum sealed bag for long periods.
  • If you must store your quilt long term, it is beneficial to air it periodically to prevent permanent crease marks and to assess its integrity.