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Supa Size Me!!!

Supa Size Me!!!

If you are fighting with your partner over the quilt during the night you might want to think about upsizing your quilt. It will help with the nightly tug of war and the fight to control the doona.


It is becoming very popular nowadays to purchase the next quilt size up compared to the size of your mattress. Not only does it help with the quilt night wars, it also can improve how your bed looks. The same is true for kids quilts, with many parents opting to purchase a larger quilt for the bed.


Single mattress - Double Quilt

King Single mattress - Double Quilt

Double mattress - Queen Quilt

Queen mattress - King Quilt

King mattress - Supa King Quilt


With mattresses becoming deeper due to increased filling and layers, using a bigger doona can help to provide extra drape over the sides of your bed, thus improving the look and styling of your bedroom.


Our Supa King quilts are becoming very popular and they can be found in all the major quilt retailers, including Myer, David Jones, Adairs and Harris Scarfe. We manufacture all of our Airlight Technology quilts, other than the Light quilt in a Supa King size. The Supa King quilt measures 270x240cm compared to a regular King quilt at 245x210cm, so they really do make a big difference when used on a King sized bed.


MiniJumbuk also make a Mega King mattress protector, so if you are lucky enough to have a bed bigger than a King we have got you covered!