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What your sheets say about you

What your sheets say about you

There is nothing quite like jumping into a bed, freshly made with clean sheets. Your bedroom reveals much about your character but your sheets can reveal even more secrets to your personality. Whatever the motivation for your selection, the look or the price, your choice of sheets is a conscious decision. So what do your sheets say about you?


If your preference is for classic and timeless crisp white sheets you are likely to be a neat and tidy soul, changing your sheets regularly for that just made feeling. You dacor style is simple and organized and you are not a fan of clutter. With this minimalist approach, you are likely to be straight forward and open minded.


Earthy and practical people favour brown sheets. They are easy to wash and unlike white sheets hide all manner of marks. These sheets, like those who choose them, get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Brown may not be the prettiest of colours, but you would rather spend time catching up with friends than doing the washing and who sees your sheets anyway?


Grey sheets are for the fashionistas. Sleek and sophisticated, neutrals like grey and pewter are very much the shades of the moment and a great compromise between dark and light sheets. Cool and with understated elegance, grey sheets reflect your air of professionalism.

Bright, cheerfully coloured sheets are for the outgoing and optimistic. Playful shades of red, yellow and orange mirror your happiness and bubbly personality. You are loud and fun and up for the excitement of a challenge.


Sensual and romantic or harsh and masculine? This is the complexity of the black sheets. Often smooth and silky, these sheets conjure images of seduction and steamy nights. Beware, like the enchanters who choose them, black sheets ooze money and passion but can be a slippery option.