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While you were sleeping...

While you were sleeping...

When we are sleeping our bodies are still busy and active, but do you really know what your body is up to whilst you are asleep?


1. As you fall asleep, you 'jerk' and this happens every time you fall asleep. Sleep experts say that the degree of the jerk is indicative of how sleepy and tired you are, so the bigger the 'jerk', the more sleepy you are.

2. Your body temperature falls whilst you are sleeping. When we're active during the day, we burn more calories, so lowering temperature is a way to reduce the burn rate and save calories. This is similar to the way in which animals hibernate, it is our own human survival mechanism.

3. Your body will carry out a full toxin cleanse as you sleep. This allows the body and brain to rejuvenate.

4. You will forget useless information. "We take in all this information all day long, and most of it is luckily forgotten," says sleep specialist Christopher Colwell at UCLA School of Medicine. "If you remembered everything, it would fill up your brain, so a sorting process takes place during sleep."

5. When sleeping your body becomes paralyzed, but your brain is at its most active. The brain of someone who is dreaming is more active than that of a person who is awake, and requires more oxygen.

6. All your individual cells — not just your brain cells — are usually completely repaired. These restorative processes take care of all the damage that's happened during the day. When you don't get enough sleep, the effects can be more than feeling just tired, your entire body can be impacted.

7. You wake up between five and 15 times per hour. It usually happens when we shift to different stages of sleep, like from dreams to deep sleep, and the awakenings happen so briefly that we don't remember them.

So as you fall asleep tonight, just ponder a moment about what your body and mind is about to get up to!