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Winter bedding 101

Winter bedding 101

Sheets, blankets, quilts, toppers, protectors, electric blankets - there are so many choices when it comes to bedding! As the weather cools down, let's head back to basics to make the most of your bed this winter.


Start underneath with a barrier against the cold. Chilly winter air seeps up through your mattress and into your bones. A protector or mattress topper will prolong the life of your mattress, add extra comfort to your bed and keep draughts from your body while you sleep. For those who enjoy jumping into a warm bed, an electric blanket can be placed under your topper. Remember to turn it on a few minutes before bedtime giving the heat time to warm through the layers.


Next choose your sheets and quilt cover. Natural fibres allow your body to breathe and are a great choice for bedding. For an added boost of warmth on wintry nights, pick cheerfully coloured bedclothes that complement your décor. If you find flannelette a little toasty but are still looking for something a bit cosier for wintertime, try customising your own sheet set. Combine your favourite flannelette sheet with a cooler cotton top sheet or for something different, why not add some lightweight, wrinkle free jersey.


Finally, cover yourself with a warm quilt or blankets to complete your winter bed. If you sleep at a different temperature to your partner, layers are the way to go. On frosty nights, top your usual covering with a light rug; try luxurious mohair for the ultimate in featherweight warmth. For those who wake freezing, quilt on the floor or mysteriously moved to the other side of the bed, consider upsizing your quilt. The extra weight of the overhang can help prevent movement so you stay warm, snug and asleep all night.