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Introducing MiniJumbuk's Wool Wash and Wool Spray

Introducing MiniJumbuk's Wool Wash and Wool Spray

Caring for your MiniJumbuk product has become even easier with the release of our very own MiniJumbuk Wool Wash and MiniJumbuk Wool Spray. Made with natural antibacterial ingredients, the Wool Washand Wool Spray have been designed specially to keep your wool bedding, sheepskin and other natural fibres clean, fresh and performing at their best.

Delicately scented with tea tree oil and lemon myrtle, these products evoke the essence of the Australian bush. These essential oils are well known for their antibacterial, antifungal and natural deodorising properties and are ideally suited for use in the laundry. Tea tree oil is also effective against dust mite and pet allergen.


MiniJumbuk Wool Wash

Tough on dirt, the MiniJumbuk Wool Wash is gentle on the environment and your wool products. The natural antibacterial ingredients contained in the Wool Wash and Wool Spray help protect against bacterial growth, eliminate cross infection and help to prevent odours in wool. MiniJumbuk Wool Wash is suitable for use by allergy sufferers and those with the most sensitive of skins, making it perfect for laundering your bedding and clothing as well as medical fleeces and baby rugs.

MiniJumbuk Wool Spray


The MiniJumbuk Wool Spray is designed to be used between washes to remove odours and to refresh your wool bedding, sheepskin and woollen clothing. The spray is also a natural repellent against moths and insects. Wool loves fresh air and sunshine and benefits from regular airing. We recommend that you use the MiniJumbuk Wool Spray to lightly spritz your wool products before airing. Wool loves fresh air and sunshine so where possible air your wool outside.