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The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Darren Turner

The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Darren Turner

Darren Turner | Managing Director

MiniJumbuk celebrate their 40th birthday later in 2015, why do you think MiniJumbuk has been so successful in the wool bedding industry?

People, Passion and Product.

Understanding that people are important and treating them all equally with great care and respect whether they are our customer, our employees or part of our supply chain is vital in creating a likeable brand and sustainable company.


You need to have passion for what you do which sets the tone for the business and creates a culture that everyone wants to be part of. This is how you build the loyalty where customers love and recommend the brand and staff and suppliers go the extra mile to make it happen.


You must understand your product and create what people want to buy. Having been with the company for over 30 years it gives me enormous pleasure that as we celebrate our 40th year our customers and our competition still rate MiniJumbuk as the best.


MiniJumbuk has just developed new Airlight technologyTM; can you tell us why this is better than what MiniJumbuk made before?

The new Airlight fill is made up of many more individual layers of finely combed wool fibre. In fact we have doubled the number of layers without increasing the weight, which means twice as much air trapped between each layer. This makes the quilts lighter to sleep with, so you feel the warmth but not the weight.


What is your 'must have' MiniJumbuk product and why?

For me the multilayer Wool mattress toppers are my favourite to show off wool's unique ability to improve sleeping comfort. They soften a hard mattress which is great for my hips and they even out the temperature from a cold or hot mattress. Having stayed in hundreds of different hotels over the years I always look forward to getting back to my own bed with MiniJumbuk.


Why do you believe wool is the best fibre to sleep with?

I just love it. No other fibre can do what wool can naturally. For me it's like having a climate control switch for my bed. Regardless of what's happening outside I sleep at the same temperature all night which means I sleep longer because I'm not woken up due to being too hot, or too cold as is the case with non wool bedding. I'm passionate about wool and what it can do to improve the lives of people who need to sleep better and I think that is all of us some of the time or some of us all the time.