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How to store your MiniJumbuk Wool bedding

How to store your MiniJumbuk Wool bedding

As the autumn weather brings some welcome cooler evenings, its time to think about swapping your lightweight summer quilt for your cosy, warmer winter quilt. With just a little care, a MiniJumbuk quilt will give you many years of great sleep.

To maximise the life of your wool bedding, rather than just grabbing it from your bed and bunging it in the cupboard for winter, take the time to follow these simple storage tips. Then, when summer rolls round again a quick airing and your quilt or mattress topper will be as fresh as new and ready for bed!


Clean and dry

It is essential that your bedding is clean and dry before it is put away. Wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture and remain dry to the touch. You need to be sure your bedding is properly dry to avoid mould developing while it is stored.



Wool loves fresh air and sunshine. Regular airing will minimise the need for laundering and prolong the life of your product. If your quilt is clean, simply air it prior to putting it away. A light spritz with water while airing will help to rejuvenate the wool. You may like to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for extra freshness.


Spot clean

Pay attention to any dirty marks and remove them. Rather than launder your entire product, you may be able to spot clean a smaller area. This will be much quicker and easier. To spot clean most stains (blood, tea, urine, vomit etc) Woolmark recommend using the following mix to lightly sponge the affected area.

Solution of one teaspoon of approved wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water.



If your product needs to be laundered, please follow the care instructions. Consider the size of both the product and your washing machine. Wool needs to move freely throughout the wash process, and you will need a commercial size machine for larger items.  MiniJumbuk products undergo stringent washability tests prior to market release, and we are confident when our instructions are followed, your product will retain its integrity.



Wool needs to breathe. A box or a breathable bag is a great way to store your bedding. Alternatively, place your bedding in an old quilt cover or wrap it in a cotton sheet to keep the dust off and pop it on a shelf in the cupboard. Do not place heavy items on top of your bedding as it may squash and damage the wool fibres. For the same reason, vacuum sealed space bags are fine for short term storage (2-4 weeks) but not longer. Plastic bags should not be used for storage. They prevent airflow and increase the likelihood of moisture being trapped in your product, creating mould and causing damage.


And when you need your bedding again - a quick airing and you are good to go!

How to store your MiniJumbuk Wool bedding