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MiniJumbuk - We Love Wool

MiniJumbuk - We Love Wool

Here at MiniJumbuk we love wool! We love wool's unique and amazing properties, using them to our advantage to create Australia's favourite wool bedding. We love the warmth and softness wool brings to our quilts, we love the resilience and comfort wool adds to our mattresstoppers and we love the cool breathability of our wool pillows. Best of all we love that wool is an all-natural, renewable fibre.

Wool is the fleece that is shorn from sheep each year and given how much we love wool, it would be unsurprising that we also love sheep. When it comes to sheep we are not alone - everyone has their favourite sheep. With books, songs and movies to celebrate sheep and their amusing antics, there are many famous sheep to choose from and here are a few that we think are special.

Mary's Little Lamb - based on a true story of a faithful pet following her owner to school, this timeless nursery rhyme is recognised and loved by generations. Along with Baa Baa Black Sheep and Little Bo Peep these songs are a simple joy in a happy childhood.

Aries the Ram - Those born under this star sign share some very sheep like traits. Like a mother ewe fiercely protecting her lamb, Arians are brilliant parents while the flocking characteristic ensures Rams are great team players.

Dolly the Sheep - While cloning existed long before Dolly, her infamy lies in the fact she was the first mammal to be cloned using an adult cell. With some remarkable similarities to humans, sheep have helped with many other significant scientific and medicinal discoveries.

Shaun the Sheep - If 'The Silence of the Lamb's' sends a shiver down your spine, meet Shaun, Bitzer, Pidsley and the Flock. The hilarious antics of Shaun leading his pals on a variety of madcap adventures will entertain and leave you and your little one's giggling.

Pete and The Green Sheep - Children's authors, Mem Fox 'Where is the Green Sheep' and Jackie French 'Pete the Sheep', have created these wonderful sheep tales with their uniquely Australian flavour. If you're not familiar with them, investigate further - we are sure that you will love them too.