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Prickly Wool?

Prickly Wool?

There is a public misconception that wool is 'prickly and itchy'. Woolmark (AWI) is undertaking a number of scientific research projects to help challenge this perception, to show that wool is a great natural choice even for people with the most sensitive skin.

Recently long term sufferers of the skin condition 'eczema' took part in a scientific study conducted by AWI which reported that the eczema sufferers actually had reduced symptoms when wearing superfine Merino wool. This is a massive breakthrough in challenging the prickly wool myth and the AWI's quest in demonstrating that fine wool products are healthy for the skin, especially those with very sensitive skin.

Dr Lynda Spelman of Queensland Institute of Dermatology says all the trial participants showed greatly reduced symptoms and none displayed any allergic or irritant reaction to the wool. This result appears to relate to the unique moisture management properties of wool.

AWI will continue to invest in its “Fibre Advocacy” program to validate the health and wellbeing benefits of wool products. Dr Paul Swan of the AWI stated that 4 in 10 consumers believe wool to be prickly and one in ten claim they are allergic to wool. Ultimately the aim is to educate consumers about the real, positive health benefits of wool as a great natural fibre for all the family. This latest study shows that even those with chronic skin sensitivities find benefit in having wool next to their skin and that wool is a healthy alternative.

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(Reference - AWI/Woolmark - Beyond the Bale magazine - Issue 62, March 2015)