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The Science of sleeping with Wool

The Science of sleeping with Wool
At MiniJumbuk, we love wool. As Australia's favourite wool bedding company, we consider that sleeping with wool is the best way to guarantee a great night's sleep. With sleep (or lack of) playing a vital role in human health and wellbeing, it is essential to ensure you succeed in having the best sleep available.
By simply choosing to sleep in, on and under wool, MiniJumbuk believe that you will achieve a deeper, more restful sleep. With wool a safe, natural fibre for bedding, it is wonderful to have our opinion backed by science. Studies show that benefits of sleeping with wool include:
  • Falling asleep faster and waking more refreshed

  • Improved sleep quality - longer, deeper and less interrupted sleep

  • Underweight babies show a higher increase in weight gain

  • Pre-school children are less likely to suffer sleep issues

Scientists agree the advantages of sleeping with wool stem from two unique properties: its absorption abilities and its dynamic thermal capacities. Wool is able to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, while remaining dry to the touch. As you sleep with wool any perspiration is drawn away from the skin, helping to maintain a consistent level of humidity in your bed. Your skin remains dry, improving your comfort as you sleep.
The thermal dynamic capacity of wool manages the microclimate between skin and wool. By absorbing moisture from the skin and releasing it into the atmosphere, wool effectively lowers humidity at the skins surface and can delay the onset of sweating. Constantly absorbing and releasing water vapour, wool acts as a buffer effectively helping to minimise changes in body temperature.
Shop MiniJumbuk and sleep better with wool tonight.