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Why Australian Wool?

Why Australian Wool?

Australian wool is an entirely natural fibre grown year-round. Grazing on extensive grassland terrain, sheep in Australia are generally free-range animals that live a largely carefree existence. From the high rainfall areas of the eastern seaboard to the drier pastoral areas of the west, sheep have become an integral part of the iconic Australian landscape.

Australia is home to about 71 million sheep, with close to 3/4 of Australia's flock being Merino. The remainder is composed of crossbred and other breeds of sheep and this is the type of wool we use in our wool bedding products.

A wool fibre is composed of a natural protein called keratin that is biodegradable, similar to the protein found in human hair. When disposed of, wool decomposes in soil in a matter of years, slowly releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back into the earth, acting like a fertiliser. In contrast, synthetic fibres can be extremely slow to degrade.

And wool is a completely renewable fibre; Australian sheep produce a new fleece every year. In addition, Australian sheep farmers work tirelessly to conserve the pastures on which their sheep graze, protecting and preserving the natural resources for future generations while maintaining the efficiency of their land.

Australian wool is one of the world's most versatile, practical and best-loved natural fibres - a fibre that is unparalleled when manufactured into affordable, sophisticated products with high performance qualities.

Wool will stand up to years of everyday wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for interior products including upholstery, carpets, floor coverings, curtains as well as wool bedding, blankets, cushions and throws.