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Wool a good choice for the environment

Wool a good choice for the environment

Every year on June 5 the World gathers to celebrate World Environment Day.

Established in 1974 by the United Nations, the day is a global platform that endeavours to engage governments, businesses and individuals in an effort to raise awareness and create positive change surrounding environmental issues faced by the planet. With a different focus each year, the day aims to inspire action for the protection of our environment. In 2021 the theme is Ecosystem Restoration - encouraging everyone to play their part, however small, in assisting the conservation and recovery of our degraded or destroyed ecosystems.


To play your part in helping our planet, choose wool - wool is a great choice for the environment and can help you to tread lightly on the earth. While all products that people produce and use have some impact on the environment, wool is an all-natural and sustainable fibre. The fleece from a sheep, wool is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.


Why is choosing wool good for the environment?

  • Wool is hard wearing and durable. Woollen products have a long life span and can be used or worn longer than other fibres.
  • Wool is naturally odour resistant. Less smell means wool garments require less frequent laundering. Wool products also require lower wash temperatures – both positive for our environment.
  • Wool is recyclable. At the end of its useful life wool is able to be recycled or repurposed.Innovation sees recycled wool transformed into mattresses or used as fire resistant insulation in homes. Reusing wool minimises waste and helping to keep it out of landfill.
  • Wool is biodegradable. Unlike man-made fibres, wool is a protein based fibre that readily breaks down in both soil and water. No harmful micro plastics our ecosystems, instead wool returns valuable nutrients to enrich our soil.


How can you help the environment? Simply by choosing wool!