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Wool is naturally non-allergenic

Wool is naturally non-allergenic

Wool has many great properties and one of our favourites is that it is naturally hypo-allergenic. This makes wool a great choice for asthma and allergy sufferers and even people who suffer from eczema.


A recent study ‘Debunking the Myth of Wool Allergy’, found no evidence that wool is an allergen. The study reviewed the past 100 years of research to find that in many cases, any skin irritation was due to coarse fibres protruding from the fabric which could be caused by all kinds of fabric types. 


Angus Ireland from The Woolmark Company explains, “Research is showing superfine wool base-layer garments to be beneficial to people with sensitive skin, such as eczema sufferers, so it’s important to address misperceptions that wool is an allergen or that all wool is itchy when worn directly to skin.” Wool is becoming a popular fibre for sleep and active wear garments as it's extremely soft and offers great moisture management. 



Wool’s moisture management properties are perfect for garments, and these same characteristics also make wool an ideal choice for bedding. These two unique properties give wool two advantages when used for bedding. 

  1. It allows the sleeper to stay at a comfortable temperature all night long (bonus!)
  2. It creates a dry environment, deterring bacteria and dust mites from living and breeding. 

That’s why wool is a great natural choice for people seeking an allergenic friendly bedding option.

Wool is naturally non-allergenic