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Wool - Natural, Renewable and Biodegradable

Wool - Natural, Renewable and Biodegradable

'Wool runs on grass.' Coined by the Australian Merino industry in 2011, the advertising slogan encompasses the simplicity of wool production. Australia, world renowned for its wide open spaces, also provides an abundance of the other elements required to produce this wonderfully versatile fibre - water, fresh air and sunshine. Wool, the fabulous fleece grown by sheep is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, making it the perfect fibre for MiniJumbuk's premium Australian-made bedding range.


Natural Wool

Natural fibres are produced by living organisms with no help or intervention. Plants and animals produce strong, fibrous materials, including hemp, cotton and wool that can be worked to create wonderful breathable textiles suited to a range of useful purposes. Wool is composed of a protein keratin, and grows from follicles below the sheep's skin similar to the growth of human hair and fingernails. Possibly one of the oldest known fibres - wool - the fleece from a sheep, has played an important role in our lives since ancient times.

Renewable wool

Unlike manmade fibres, the growth of natural fibres requires no assistance. Each plant or animal is capable of growing and regrowing completely naturally and with no intervention. Sheep continuously grow their fleece which needs to be removed (or shorn) each year. Shearing, the trimming of the wool, is traditionally an annual event on the farming calendar and is particularly beneficial for the animals. Occurring generally in the warmer months, shearing helps to keep the sheep cool and allows them to regrow their wool unencumbered by excess weight.


Biodegradable wool

A natural, renewable fibre, wool is also completely biodegradable. In a very natural life cycle, wool decomposes quickly, with microorganisms rapidly breaking down the keratins. Essential elements including nitrogen, sulphur and magnesium are returned to the soil, providing valuable nutrients for plants. Lush, green grass completes the cycle, promoting healthy sheep with soft lustrous wools.

Natural, renewable, biodegradable - LOVE WOOL, LOVE MINIJUMBUK.