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Are you ready for winter?

Are you ready for winter?
Winter is fast approaching! Before the real chill of winter sets in, why not head to MiniJumbuk and stock up on some fabulous wool bedding products. While the days are still mild and sunny, the cooler mornings and evenings are already hinting at those freezing nights lurking just around the corner. Piling your bed high with wool is guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty all winter.
MiniJumbuk offers a bedding range to suit the whole family, and to ensure you achieve the best night's sleep possible MiniJumbuk has developed the MiniJumbuk SLEEP SYSTEM. The SLEEP SYSTEM is based on the holistic concept that 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'. By combining the three elements of the MiniJumbuk range - mattress topper, quilt and pillow - you will sleep surrounded by wool, deliciously warm all night.
How to design your MiniJumbuk winter SLEEP SYSTEM
Start with a mattress topper. Wool provides natural warmth and will dramatically improve the comfort of your bed, helping to relieve aches and pains while you sleep. Next, add your choice of quilt to maintain the perfect sleeping temperature and enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Finally, allow your face to breathe naturally by selecting the perfect pillow to gently support your head and neck.
For Adults
  • Add a MiniJumbuk Airlight Technology quilt available in 3 warmth levels: Thermal, Warm or Everyday.
  • Finally select your ideal pillow: Breathe or Balance pillow in a height profile to suit you.
For Children
For Babies