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Inside MiniJumbuk: Making a Quilt

Inside MiniJumbuk: Making a Quilt

At Naracoorte, in the heart of South Australia's Limestone Coast you will find MiniJumbuk - the home of Australia's favourite wool bedding. With years of experience to draw on, we proudly offer a range of five fabulous wool quilts to ensure that when you snuggle down for the night, we have the perfect quilt to keep you warm and cosy.

If you already have a MiniJumbuk quilt, chances are you have visited our Naracoorte Mill and seen for yourself, the care and attention to detail that goes in to every quilt we make. From the viewing area in our Factory Outlet shop, visitors are able to witness firsthand our pillows, quilts and mattress toppers being made. Our step-by-step guide below gives a great overview of the craftsmanship that carefully creates each quilt.

Step 1
Using a computer controlled machine to ensure precision cutting and minimise wastage, the fabric is cut exactly to size.

Step 2
To guarantee accurate sizing for every quilt, the teams use a pinning frame to construct the components and hold the fabric and wool batting layers firmly in place.

Step 3
The frame passes to the quilting machine where each range is stitched with its own uniquely identifiable pattern designed to prevent the wool moving within the quilt.

Step 4
Soft binding and the addition of care instructions sees each quilt hand finished with detailed attention.

Step 5
The finished quilts undergo a final inspection as they are packed, ready for shipping to our customers.