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Beating the bedroom heat

Beating the bedroom heat

If you are having trouble falling asleep these warmer summer nights, it maybe that it is simply too hot. The ideal room temperature for a good night's sleep is approximately 18oC. When days of prolonged high temperatures warm your home, keeping inside temperatures high even at night, it not only takes longer to fall asleep but sleep becomes disrupted. While there are many ways to keep yourself and your house cool, one way to achieve this is to choose the right bedding.


Our bodies keep cool through the evaporation of moisture from the skin. Unlike manmade textiles, natural breathable fibres like wool and cotton assist this process and are great choices for summer bedding. The wicking properties of these materials helps draw moisture away from the body and decrease skin temperature so you remain cool, dry and comfortable, enjoying a deeper and more restful sleep. Handcrafted in Australia using Australian wool and cotton, MiniJumbuk offers an extensive range of products to help you beat the heat in your bedroom this summer.


Ultralight Wool and Cotton Quilt - when you need more than a sheet and less than a blanket, this single layer, lightweight quilt with its fine cotton casing is an ideal choice.

Cool Wool and Cotton Quilt - ideal for summer or those who always get hot in bed, this quilt helps keep you cool, allowing your body to rejuvenate through more restful sleep.

Cool Dreamers Wool and Cotton Quilt - this lightweight, machine washable quilt has been designed especially to help your child sleep cooler on warmer nights.

Mattress or Pillow Protector - perfect for cooling down a too hot pillow or mattress, our protectors help regulate your body temperature while allowing your skin to breathe naturally.