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Introducing Our Best Range Yet

Introducing Our Best Range Yet

As the saying goes 'New Year, new you'. Proudly family owned and located in South Australia, MiniJumbuk has taken this literally for 2018. March will see the Australia wide release of our new Mattress toppers and protectors. Handcrafted by our team in Naracoorte, this exciting new range provides the same high quality and workmanship that MiniJumbuk customers appreciate and offers a clear choice when it comes to selecting a new topper for your bed.


For many, a topper (also referred to as underlay or underblanket) adds comfort to an old, saggy or uncomfortable mattress. However, few realise that even on a brand new mattress, adding a MiniJumbuk mattress topper can enhance your sleep. Reversible for cool summer sleeping and with a 45cm deep fitted skirt, our toppers are constructed with layers of Australian wool and cotton, fine cotton casings and incorporate plush wool pile. These natural fibres combine perfectly to provide the ultimate in comfort and temperature regulation. The unique ability of these fibres to regulate your body's excess heat and moisture ensures you stay relaxed and comfortable in bed. Your heart rate remains lower and more consistent, all adding up to the best night's sleep possible.


We all know the benefits of a good night's sleep, that feeling of waking refreshed and invigorated, ready to face whatever the day brings. So to help you prepare for the arrival of our new in your favourite bedding store, here is a sneak peak of what to expect.

Sleep Therapy - reduce your aches and pains with this luxurious topper. Cushioning wool fill layers encompassed by plush wool fleece and a pure cotton layer, enhance your sleeping comfort. The multiple layers assist in the reduction of pressure points by dispersing your body weight more evenly over a wider area for a more relaxing, less disturbed sleep.
Sleep Restful - improve the comfort of your mattress by up to 25% and wake more energised after a deeper more restful sleep. Combining natural wool fleece with a cooling pure cotton layer creates a soft and springy topper that helps to keep you comfortable allowing you to sleep deeper for longer.
Sleep Cool - ideal for cooling a hot mattress or for those who find themselves too warm in bed, the Sleep Cool protector increases air flow around your body while you sleep. The breathability of the wool/cotton combination creates a cooling effect around your body, allowing you to sleep cool, dry and comfortable.


Stockists - Adairs, Myer, David Jones and Independent outlets. Available March 2018.