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Explore MiniJumbuk’s Range of Australian Wool Pillows

Explore MiniJumbuk’s Range of Australian Wool Pillows

MiniJumbuk has a range of wool pillows to suit all sleepers. With varying profiles and support, our pillows are designed to provide you with the most restful sleep possible.

Why should you choose Australian wool for your next pillow?

We use Australian wool for pillows as it is extremely breathable, and has a unique ability to absorb moisture and draw it away from your skin. These wicking properties of wool improve the natural airflow around your head, keeping you at a comfortable temperature while you sleep.

This results in reduced overheating, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep and this breathability has the added bonus of improving the appearance of your skin – reducing the likelihood of puffy eyes and pressure lines on your face. 

Additionally, wool is naturally non-allergenic, making it ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Which Profile Should I choose?

In general, low profile pillows are ideal for back or tummy sleepers and smaller body frames. 

Medium profile pillows tend to be suited for side sleepers and medium body frames. 

High profile pillow are generally preferred by side sleepers and larger body frames. 

Breathe Pillow 

  • Available in low, medium and high profile
  • Quilted cotton casing (60% wool, 40% cotton) with wool rich fill 

The MiniJumbuk Breathe Pillow is made from soft wool and cotton to improve airflow around the face, the cushioned casing provides cool comfort throughout the night. This natural breathability can also help to prevent puffy eyes and pressure lines on the face. 

The wool rich inner is a combination of wool and man-made fibre designed to keep your pillow soft yet springy. The Breathe pillow is ideal for people who want natural comfort and support for the head and neck. 

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Breathe+ Support Pillow

  • Available in low/medium and medium/high profile
  • Quilted cotton casing (60% wool, 40% cotton) with natural latex core

The MiniJumbuk Breathe+ Support Pillow combines the breathability of wool and cotton with natural latex support for maximum sleep comfort.

Our most supportive pillow with latex centre surrounded by a quilted layer of wool and cotton with a cotton casing. A luxurious, pure wool quilted casing provides maximum breathability and is combined with an all natural latex core for support and comfort. 

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Dreamers Wool Rich Pillow for Kids

  • Designed for kids
  • Low profile
  • Cotton casing with wool rich filling

The Dreamers Wool Rich Pillow is a low-profile and especially designed for kids, with the wool rich filling in the MiniJumbuk Dreamers Pillow ideally suited for young children to give gentle support and comfort.

The Dreamers Wool Rich Pillow utilises spiral man-made fibres to help the wool filling stay soft and springy and to gently support your child’s head and neck, while the cotton casing keeps the filling in and the dust out. 

The use of wool and cotton fibres allows the skin to breathe, keeping your child’s face and head comfortable and dry ensuring a healthy and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

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