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Why we use wool and cotton in our summer bedding

Why we use wool and cotton in our summer bedding

At MiniJumbuk we’re always looking to improve and innovate our bedding products to give the best sleeping comfort no matter what the season.

Australia is known for it’s hot, steamy summer days often enjoyed with family and friends at the beach but with hot days comes hot, humid and sleepless nights. We can’t change the temperature but at MiniJumbuk we’ve designed our summer bedding range with a blend of wool and cotton so you can enjoy the natural benefits of both fibres.

Wool is naturally breathable which is perfect for summer sleeping. The unique fibre structure allows it to absorb and release moisture away from the body. Wool is also great at insulating and regulating the bodies temperature, keeping the body at a consistent temperature throughout the night and reducing overheating.

Cotton is also breathable and has natural cooling properties, allowing the body to stay cool and dry while you sleep. Because cotton has great cooling properties, MiniJumbuk has combined the two fibres to improve sleeping comfort during the warmer nights.



Our Summer bedding range is complete with quilts, mattress topper/protectors and pillows to ensure sleeping during the warmer months is comfortable.

Quilts Range

The quilt range consists of two lightweight quilts depending on your conditions. The Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is a popular choice and ideal for most summer sleeping environments. Alternatively the Super Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is ultra light and designed for hot sleepers or when you need more than a sheet but less than a blanket.

Mattress Topper/Protector Range

Depending on your comfort choice the MiniJumbuk range has a Sleep Restful Mattress Topper or a Sleep Cool Protector. The Sleep Cool Protector is exactly what the name suggests, it’s a mattress protector with our signature summer fill – 60% Wool and 40% Cotton. It protects the mattress while increasing airflow around the body creating a cooling effect. The Sleep Restful Mattress Topper is the next step up offering additional comfort with a wool fleece layer and can be reversed to the cotton side for summer.


Our Breathe Pillow range provides natural airflow around the face allowing the skin to remain cool and breathe naturally. Designed with a quilted wool/cotton filled casing and wool rich inner filling to ensure a soft yet springy pillow. Available in 3 height profiles – low, medium and high.

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Why we use wool and cotton in our summer bedding