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Inside MiniJumbuk: A day in the life of MiniJumbuk

Inside MiniJumbuk: A day in the life of MiniJumbuk

Australian shearers work long hard days. The first two hour run starts at 7.30am and is followed by three more. Interspersed with two 'smokos' and a lunch break, the day finally ends with the last sheep out the chute at 5.30 pm. When health issues forced former shearer Don Wray out of the shearing shed, his passion for wool led him to MiniJumbuk.

Don put down his handpiece to purchase the fledgling wool bedding business, but was unable to set aside the strong traditions of mateship and loyalty fostered in the wool industry. While the days are shorter and the work less physical, the camaraderie and spirit of the shearing shed remains a major part of the culture at MiniJumbuk. In an extract from Love Wool - The MiniJumbuk Story, a day in the life of MiniJumbuk is described below.

The mill workers arrive early and the MiniJumbuk mill comes alive at 7am with the hum of machinery and friendly chatter amongst the staff. Fabric is cut and the sewing machines are busy as they go about the business of making Australia's favourite wool bedding. A new batch of wool is processed using Airlight technology and transferred to the main factory to go inside the pillows, quilts and mattress toppers.

A well planned production schedule and set of patterns and 'recipes' (this word is used as each product has different weights and mixes of fill) are followed to ensure that every product is made to the high and exacting MiniJumbuk standards. Once the product is finished, it undergoes a final quality inspection and is packed and is moved to the dispatch warehouse. The days are busy, productive and fun and the team are proud of their work as they head home when the buzzer rings at 3.30pm.