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MiniJumbuk - Marketing mayhem

MiniJumbuk - Marketing mayhem

LOVE WOOL. Today, the simple two word slogan captures the pride and care taken in handcrafting this natural fibre into MiniJumbuk's woollen quilts, pillows and mattress toppers. The MiniJumbuk story began in Naracoorte years ago when a local farmer's wife began selling souvenir woollen sheep - mini jumbuks - to boost their flagging farm income.

Four decades on, the story continues thanks to the tenacity and vision of a local shearer, now owner, Don Wray who understood wool's incredible properties. Don instinctively knew what science has subsequently proven: that wool is the best fibre for restful sleep. And from the beginning, this loveable larrikin, with a have-a-go attitude, has taken the product to the people with his quirky marketing strategies.

In the early years, MiniJumbuk was keen to steer consumers towards the benefits of wool quilts over feather and down quilts. Cheeky campaigns promoting the benefits of wool appeared with slogans like 'Ever seen sheep fly north for winter?' and 'Save a duck. Support Australian industry.' The launch of the first MiniJumbuk pillow in 1987 carried the catchphrase 'Forget the fuzzies and wake with a clear head', while the innovative Supa Size quilt range ran with the risqué tagline 'imagine a few extra inches in bed'. One advertisement to promote a very generous sale offer, much to the horror of his mother even announced, 'Don Wray is still crazy'.

But by far MiniJumbuk's most unusual and innovative promotion was the 'travelling sheep show'. In a purpose built trailer, accompanied by 'The Shepherd' and 'The Jackaroo', five trained rams of different breeds: Merino, Suffolk, Poll Dorset, Romney Marsh and Border Leicester traversed Australia. Appearing on a presentation dais surrounded by signage and promotional material, the rams would parade on cue in stores and shopping centres. 'The Jackaroo' offered an informative commentary on the benefits of wool, the characteristics of each breed and of course, the need for MiniJumbuk wool bedding. With a crowd of highly entertained store buyers and customers looking on, this proved an exceptionally effective marketing tool for the company.

Over 40 years later, MiniJumbuk's marketing strategy continues to display that same passion for wool - LOVE WOOL. LOVE MINIJUMBUK