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MiniJumbuk Sleep System

MiniJumbuk Sleep System

The natural luxurious way to sleep more soundly and wake more refreshed.


1. A MiniJumbuk wool mattress topper dramatically improves your comfort in bed. It provides natural warmth and cushions your body, relieving aches and pains. The more comfortable you are in any one position when you sleep, the less tossing and turning you will do and the more deep and restful your sleep will be. Results from body pressure mapping tests show that a person's body weight is more evenly dispersed and peak pressure points are dramatically reduced when sleeping on a MiniJumbuk mattress topper. Getting a more restful sleep gives your body time to heal and repair itself, which contributes to a better quality of life.


2. Next, your MiniJumbuk wool quilt helps you to sleep more deeply and wake revitalised and reinvigorated‚ naturally. Our unique blend of wool is designed and processed using Airlight Technology to provide a healthy sleeping environment. In addition, wool is naturally non-allergenic and absorbs and dissipates moisture, providing an even sleeping temperature year round. Our Airlight Technology range of quilts is made up of five quilts to suit all your sleeping needs, plus we also have a range of quilts specifically designed for kids.


3. Finally add a MiniJumbuk pillow to support your head and neck gently, while allowing your face to breathe naturally. Our Australian wool pillows help circulate air around your face, allowing your skin to breathe while you sleep. Choosing the right pillow can be tricky as everyone has their own personal preference from height or profile of the pillow to how soft or firm the pillow is. We have a pillow to suit everyone's needs.


Use our handy product selector tool to work out which is the best combination to make your own personal MiniJumbuk Sleep System.