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Our best winter collection

Our best winter collection

Choosing the ideal bedding for winter isn't always easy. Before you know it, your head will be full of phrases like “tog ratings” and “fill power”, and you may be none the wiser. At MiniJumbuk we like to keep things simple.


If you are reading this article, then, like us you probably already know that wool is the perfect fibre for bedding. It's an all-natural fibre, and has the ability to keep you warm in winter as the wool fibres form a natural insulating layer, keeping body heat under the quilt. (Wool is also pretty amazing in summer too when it allows moisture to naturally escape from the quilt, allowing the body to cool down quickly).


The wool used in all our bedding products is Australian, so this means it is the best wool around and perfect for bedding. Plus our wool fillings are evenly distributed inside the quilt and our beautiful quilting patterns ensure the wool stays firmly in place so the filling won't move around and cause any cold spots. With our new Airlight Technology wool fillings our quilts are lighter and able to trap more air, keeping you warmer and making our new range our best yet.


So here is how simple it is. Firstly choose from one of our two winter quilts, we have the Warm and the Thermal. The Warm quilt is ideal for sleepers who tend to get cold at night, with a 450gsm wool fill the quilt provides additional insulation for warmth and comfort. If you live in a cold part of the country or in an older home that can get very cold at night, a Thermal quilt will be the way to go. The Thermal quiltprovides maximum warmth with 500gsm of wool filling and a 500 thread count superfine cotton casing ensuring the quilt is still lightweight and comfortable.


We also recommend using a mattress topper, especially in winter. A mattress topper not only helps to relieve aches and pains, reduce pressure points and provide cushioning comfort but it also helps to insulate your body from a cold mattress and can regulate and maintain an even sleeping temperature. What is not to love?! For the ultimate in comfort, extra warmth and support, our Luxury + mattress topper with 5 unique layers delivers pure sleeping pleasure. Plus it's fully reversible for summer with a natural cool cotton padded side, so you can sleep on wool for additional warmth in winter and on cotton for coolness in summer.


Finally we also have our beautiful Merino Soft blankets. Blankets are a proven versatile bedding option providing comfortable, layered and adjustable sleeping comfort. A Merino Soft blanket can be used with a bedspread for a tailored look or under a quilt when it is cold to provide an extra layer of warmth.