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Bedroom Styling for Men

Bedroom Styling for Men

Men's bedrooms are quite different to ladies or couples bedrooms. When it comes to styling many men turn to ideas of automotive design — fine leather, hand-crafted wood, unique stitching and polished metals. Colour and textures are also important as well as having technology at their fingertips.


A great place to start when designing a man's bedroom is to think of the best hotel room you have stayed in. Hotel rooms tend to be calm, have great beds and have minimalist design that speaks to efficiency, practicality and functionality.


Whilst guys seek sleekness it doesn't hurt to have some touches to soften the room, a throw blanket or cushions can add comfort and cosiness. Men tend to feel more comfortable with a palette of neutral colours such as white, grey and black. Think about adding colour with a piece of artwork or an accessory rather than a big, splashy red wall or bright bedding. Neutral colours can be balanced and softened with natural materials like linen, wool and natural stone.


Guys like technology in their bedrooms, but having a TV and gaming consoles in the bedroom can disrupt sleep, so make sure these devices can easily be put away when it's bedtime. Men also tend to collect more things than women surfboards, vintage guitars, stereo equipment and old cameras and they always want to display them proudly. Think about the things you collect and how you will want to incorporate them into your design.

Don't skimp on the bed and bedding. Many guys travel a lot for work and aren't home very much. Having a calm and serene bedroom and, most important, a comfortable bed to come home to, should be a top priority. MiniJumbuk has a range of five different quilts from Cool to Thermal so there is sure to be one to suit every man's sleeping needs.