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Spring Refresh

Spring Refresh

Spring is the perfect time for de-cluttering and refreshing your home. Consider the imminent arrival of spring as an ideal opportunity for a fresh start. Letting go of the things in your space that are no longer useful creates physical and emotional renewal and will leave you brimming with positive energy.


Use the '4 choice method' to help you declutter; keep, relocate, bin or give away. If you are not sure what to bin, think about items such as tatty towels, stained table clothes and chipped crockery, these can go straight into the garbage. Remember that the life of your objects doesn't end just because you've finished with them. Charity/Op shops welcome donations of clean and functional goods or you could hold a garage or car boot sale and earn yourself some extra dollars! Electronic waste is growing three times faster than any other type of waste in Australia, so we support the responsible disposal of your electronic goods. Most communities have recycle centres that will you're your unwanted items.


If you are not sure how to get started, make a list of all the places or rooms in your house and start with the easiest. Don't attempt to declutter your entire house in one day, spread the job out and spend a few hours each time you go to declutter, but ensure each space is finished before you move onto the next so you get a sense of achievement along the journey.


Once you have disposed of all your clutter, storage is the key to keeping your other things organised and accessible. Wait until you have done the decluttering before you go out and buy storage items so you can make sure you get the right pieces. Baskets in many beautiful forms offer a great practical solution. On the floor as a standalone piece or placed on a shelf, they are perfect for storing an array of “stuff” - toys, toiletries, craft projects, gadgets, shoes and more - baskets can be used in any room in the house.


Good luck and happy decluttering!