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MiniJumbuk Kids and Baby Range

MiniJumbuk Kids and Baby Range

At MiniJumbuk we are committed to helping you and your family achieve the best possible night’s sleep. After all, if your kids sleep through the night, chances are you will too and that’s a great outcome for everyone!

Sleep is essential for the healthy growth and development of babies and children. As a parent, one of the single most important things you can do for your child is to ensure that they are meeting their recommended sleep targets. Not sure how much sleep your little one needs? See our guidelines below - it may be more than you think.



The new MiniJumbuk Kids range has been designed specially to improve the sleep of children. Handcrafted from Australian wool and cotton, this range is all natural and easy care. Wool’s unique properties mean that it is the perfect fibre to promote deep, healthy sleep for your child.



Wool is safe and naturally hypoallergenic. It is soft, cosy and comfortable and its ability to help regulate excess heat and moisture allows your child to stay dry and relaxed in bed. If your child gets too hot or too cold in bed, they are more likely to wake. Wool helps to balance sleeping temperature throughout the night helping your child to achieve deeper, uninterrupted sleep.



Help your child gain the high-quality sleep they need to perform at their best. The new MiniJumbuk Kids range has options to suit babies, toddlers, kids and even teens.

The MiniJumbuk Baby Range

Baby Wool Quilt 325GSM Wool Fill

Provides your baby with natural warmth and comfort all night.

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Sleep Restful Mattress Topper 450GSM Wool Fleece

A super comfy, breathable base layer for your baby’s cot.

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MiniJumbuk Kids Quilts & Mattress Toppers

SleepCalm™ Kids Everyday Wool Quilt 325GSM Wool Fill

Kids sleep tight year-round under this luxuriously light wool quilt.

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SleepCalm™ Kids Cool Wool Cotton Quilt 200gsm Australian Wool & Cotton Fill

Cool comfort for teens, warmer sleepers and summer nights.

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SleepCalm™ Kids Wool Fleece Mattress Topper 450GSM Australian Wool Fleece

A soft and cosy fleece layer to naturally promote healthy sleep.

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MiniJumbuk Kids Pillows

SleepCalm™ Kids Wool Rich Pillow (2-6 Years) Australian Wool & Cotton Fill

The perfect first pillow for young kids.

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SleepCalm™ Kids Wool Cotton Quilted Pillow (7+ Years) Australian Wool & Cotton Fill

Support and total comfort for bigger kids.

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MiniJumbuk Kids and Baby Range