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Kids Bedding Essentials

Kids Bedding Essentials

At MiniJumbuk, we care about your child's health and wellbeing. We understand that good sleep is the foundation upon which children develop and grow, and a balanced, natural sleep starts with wool. Wool is a remarkable, breathable fibre that regulates the body's temperature. This is vital for young children whose small bodies are less capable of adapting to a wide range of temperatures. To ensure your child achieves all the sleep they require to reach their potential, explore the MiniJumbuk range of bedding essentials designed exclusively for kids.

Dreamers Wool Fleece Mattress Topper for Kids

Young children spend more time in bed than adults. Comfortable refreshing sleep is essential to the healthy growth and development of young bodies. Our Dreamers mattress topper gently balances your child's temperature to deliver the most comfortable sleep throughout the night. Wool fleecy pile provides cushioned support and extra warmth in winter. Fully washable, it provides superior breathability to synthetic waterproof mattress protectors. An elastic fitted skirt keeps the Dreamers mattress topper securely in place on your child's mattress and the single layer pure wool pile is quick and easy to wash and dry.


Dreamers Wool Rich Quilt for Kids

We've designed our Dreamers Quilt with a mid-weight fill of 325gsm and pure cotton casing to gently balance your child's temperature throughout the night. We've also added just the right amount of spiral man-made fibre to enhance the loft and make this quilt even easier to wash, without sacrificing the natural benefits of wool. Developed exclusively by MiniJumbuk, Airlight TechnologyTM is an advanced process we apply to wool fibre, allowing each layer to trap more air. This innovative design offers superior insulating properties while allowing for the creation of lighter, more comfortable quilts that perfectly regulate sleeping temperature.


Dreamers Wool Rich Pillow for Kids

The wool rich filling in the Dreamers pillow is 350gsm, offering a low profile to provide the gentle support and comfort ideally suited for young children. We have combined natural wool with spiral man-made fibres to help the filling stay soft and springy and to gently support your child's head and neck. The cotton casing keeps the filling in and the dust out. It also allows the skin to breathe, keeping your child's face and head comfortable and dry ensuring a healthy night's sleep.