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Real Customer: Wool Bedding Improves Toddlers Eczema

Real Customer: Wool Bedding Improves Toddlers Eczema

My 12 month old son had skin spots/rashes for quite some time before I decided to go to the doctor. With a diagnosis of eczema and psoriasis, a steroid cream was given to apply once a day.


I was looking for more of a natural approach and decided to take to social media and confide in friends for any other recommendations to relieve the heat, itchiness and irritations that come with these skin conditions.

MiniJumbuk had started doing some research within the effects of wool products on skin, and we decided to try some of their bedding.


Almost 6 weeks later we have noticed a significant change in him. I used the steroid cream to relieve his skin for the first two weeks and I haven't had to use it since.

MiniJumbuk's bedding is super soft, lightweight and breathable and with the heat we are currently getting in the Limestone Coast; along with an active 1 year old playing outside on grass and in sand - his skin should be flaring up but we haven't had any troubles in a month and I am quite confident that it's to do with his bedding. He has two sleeps a day plus his night sleep; all in his cot, and his skin is the best it's been in a long time. MiniJumbuk's La La Lamb Range has been a lifesaver for us.

My son and I 10/10 recommend their products.


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La La LambMattress TopperAustralian Wool Fleece Mattress Topper

Our La La Lamb Mattress Topper gently balances your child's temperature to deliver the most comfortable sleep throughout the night.

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La La LambWool QuiltAustralian Wool Quilt

Incorporating MiniJumbuk's exclusive Airlight technologyTM, we've designed our La La Lamb Quilt with a mid-weight 325gsm wool fill and fine cotton casing for a restful sleep.

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Woolerina Baby SingletAustralian Merino Wool

Merino is a safe choice for even the smallest of babies with its natural ability to breathe, allowing baby to safely regulate their own body temperature.

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