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Love wool this Valentine's Day

Love wool this Valentine's Day

At MiniJumbuk we love wool! And when it comes to all things love, what better day to celebrate this fabulous natural fibre than Valentine’s Day. Wool is nature’s miracle fibre. The fleece of a sheep, wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre that is soft, durable and perfect for crafting bedding and clothing.


MiniJumbuk has been handcrafting Australia’s favourite wool bedding products for nearly 50 years. Our woollen quilts, pillows and mattress toppers are Australian made in our Naracoorte Mill using Australian wool sourced predominantly from farmers in our local Limestone Coast region.

 MiniJumbuk Worker

Why do we love wool?

Wool bedding offers warmth and comfort in winter. In summer, wool’s unique ability to both absorb moisture and release it into the atmosphere makes it a breathable fibre. This breathability helps to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Less hot and cold periods throughout the night means deeper, uninterrupted sleep and allows you to wake more refreshed each day.

Wool mattress toppers can add softness to your mattress, easing pressure points at hips and shoulders, and help to provide relief from aches and pains. More comfortable, you will remain in one position longer, and less tossing and turning at night leads to higher quality, restorative sleep.


Have you slept with wool?

MiniJumbuk believe that wool is such a great fibre to sleep with, we even created a range of sleepwear and complementary ugg boot range, all Australian made. Our pyjama range is designed with comfort in mind. The blend of wool and Tencel creates a breathable garment that is lightweight and will move with your body while you sleep. Wonderfully comfortable, wool has also been shown to considerably reduce the symptoms of eczema in both adults and children.


And MiniJumbuk ugg boots? You probably won’t sleep in them, but with their soft wool fleece and lightweight durable soles, they are so comfy you are sure to love them!

Ugg Boots


Love wool? Love MiniJumbuk this Valentine’s Day!

Love wool this Valentine's Day