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How to set up a guest bedroom

How to set up a guest bedroom

Whether you have a magnificent guest wing, a spare room or a small space under the stairs that doubles as an office, it is always fun to have friends to stay. Whatever the size of your guest area, there are plenty of ways to create a welcoming space. If your friends are from out of town, having them to stay for a few nights a great way to have a proper catch up. As friends, and as your guests, you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed while they spend time with you. The best way to achieve that is to set up a cosy space where they can spread their belongings and feel at home.


It's all about the bed

The most important feature of any guest room is a comfy bed with crisp, fresh sheets. If your spare bed has seen better days, try adding a wool mattress topper. Wool is soft and breathable making is great to sleep on, and adding a good quality wool topper can help extend the life of an old or uncomfortable mattress.


When you make the bed, add an extra quilt or blanket at the foot of the bed and offer a choice of pillows. Your guests will thank you as they choose a pillow that suits their sleep style and can adjust their temperature to suit the climate throughout the night.


And the ‘little things’

With the bed looking inviting, you can add some simple furniture to the room to create a welcoming atmosphere. Depending on your available space, you may like to add a bedside table with lamps and a chair or luggage rack to keep suitcases off the floor. You may have space in a cupboard for hanging garments, but a hat rack or door hooks are great alternatives for hanging items in a smaller space.


Once the basics are covered, you can add those small personal touches to show your friends how pleased you are to see them. Soft, fluffy towels or a couple of books or magazines will be well received.  And a bunch of fresh flowers are always a favourite - you may even like to add a chocolate on the pillow!

How to set up a guest bedroom