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What you're loving this summer

What you're loving this summer

At MiniJumbuk we have been making our beautiful wool bedding products in Naracoorte, South Australia for nearly 50 years. For those who have not previously slept with wool, the concept of ‘cool wool’ can be challenging. Those in the know, understand that the many unique properties of wool make it an ideal fibre to sleep with year round. 


Soft, light and breathable, wool helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep. When combined with the cooling properties of cotton, you stay cooler throughout the night. Less variation in body temperature encourages you sleep longer, deeper and uninterrupted - you will enjoy waking totally refreshed!


‘Cool wool’ for cool summer sleeping? Don’t just take our word for it, this is what our customers have to say.


MiniJumbuk Super Cool quilt


Hot sleepers should buy it. Love it. Live on Sunshine Coast so it’s very necessary.’

- Meg


‘Love my Quilt. I was very lucky last year to be touring in South Australia & happened to come across the MiniJumbuk factory. Loved watching the process of Quilts being made. I really wanted to buy one but as we were flying home thought it would be too bulky to fly with. Then I visited my favourite store Myers & they stocked that range. Sadly they didn't have the particular size that I wanted but a lovely staff member said I could order online. For the 1st time in my life I ordered online through Myers. I am so happy with the result. The Quilt is amazing, we live in the Tropics most Quilts are too heavy & make you sweat. This one is just perfect. Plus it goes so well with my Sheridan Quilt cover set also from Myers.’  

- Margaret

Cool and Super Cool Quilt

MiniJumbuk Sleep Restful Mattress topper

Warm and cool decadence!   Not only does this wool mattress topper feel like decadence, it also has insulating properties that keep me warm or cool. I like the weight of this product as it is not so heavy and bulky that it is too hard to place on the clothesline to air. I thoroughly recommend this product.’

- Nikki-Jane


‘Definitely sleeping more restfully!   I've been meaning to get a mattress topper for a very long time as I've been told how good they are. This is a lovely, soft topper which has improved my sleep quality. It is extremely well made (as you would expect from an Aussie made product!) and I'm sure it will last a very long time.’

- Susan

 Sleep Restful Mattress Topper

 MiniJumbuk Sleep Cool Mattress Protector

Beautifully soft and comfortable.  It won't miraculously make you cool on a hot humid night but it certainly does a better job of the cheap manmade fibres that many mattress protectors are made of. Having invested in 100% French linen bedding and a Mini Jumbuk summer quilt recently, it made absolute sense to complete the investment with a natural mattress protector. A very comfortable sleep experience.’

- Qui Kni



Wow!   Really does what it claims. I do sleep cool. Wow! Beyond expectations. Keeps me cool on humid nights. I wasn't sure whether it would do what it claims.......but it has been fabulous. Since putting it on I haven't woken up boiling hot once. So happy I purchased it. Highly recommended trying one out.’

- Roz


MiniJumbuk Sleep Cool Pillow Protector

Aussie products worth having – Excellent.  Great quality protector, luxurious feel, keeps heat away from head, very happy, will last for years. Happy with it Comfortable cool love it.’

- Deb


Cooling Protector.   The Sleep Cool Protector is nice and thick and so cooling, I just reverse it when its starts to get to room temp, while protecting my pillow.

- Maddie

Sleep Cool topper

What you're loving this summer