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How to choose the right Mattress Topper

How to choose the right Mattress Topper

Replacing your mattress can be expensive. A great alternative is to purchase a mattress topper and simply revitalise your bed. At MiniJumbuk, we understand it can be hard to know which mattress topper is the best suited to your needs. So we have listed the benefits of each of our mattress toppers to help you pick the mattress topper just right for you.


Why choose a wool mattress topper? A wool mattress topper can help alleviate pressure points, particularly at the shoulders, hips and knees, relieving pain and promoting healthier, more comfortable sleep. Additionally, sleep studies suggest that sleep quality improves when sleeping on wool. This appears to be related to wool’s unique temperature and moisture management properties and texture.Wool has been proven to lower the heart rate and relax the body, so you wake feeling more invigorated and refreshed every morning.


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Sleep Therapy:

Do you find yourself waking up with aches and pains? We recommend purchasing the Sleep Therapy mattress topper. MiniJumbuk’s most comfortable and luxurious mattress topper, the Sleep Therapy offers the natural warmth of rich wool fleece and deep cushioning layers, easing hips, shoulders and back pain, and allowing for deeper uninterrupted sleep.


Sleep Restful:

Do you feel like you need a little more extra comfort for your mattress? Our Sleep Restful mattress topper is the perfect choice. With MiniJumbuk’s unique combination of wool fleece and cotton fill, it has been designed to enhance your sleep quality.  provides total comfort to help you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep.


Sleep Cool:

Do you find yourself getting too warm in bed? MiniJumbuk’s Sleep Cool mattress topper is ideal for cooling a too hot mattress. The natural breathability of wool combines with the cooling properties of cotton to reduce night time overheating for a higher quality of sleep. Using our innovative combination of natural cotton and wool, the Sleep Cool mattress protector increases the flow of air around the body, creating a cooling effect. This improved breathability helps to regulate your body’s temperature for a more comfortable and relaxing sleep.


Sleep Better Naturally

Wool has the ability to rejuvenate your body through more restful sleep. Our soft wool fills pull moisture away from your body to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. This leads to a lower and more consistent heart rate while you sleep.

Cotton has natural cooling properties and when combined with wool, they provide a more regulated body temperature – ideal for people who sleep too hot or too cold. All this adds up to the best night’s sleep possible.

How to choose the right Mattress Topper