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Why choose MiniJumbuk for your bed?

Why choose MiniJumbuk for your bed?

MiniJumbuk has been handcrafting Australia’s favourite bedding for nearly 50 years in Naracoorte, South Australia. Our team is proud to create premium quality Australian wool pillows, quilts and mattress toppers using wool sourced from our local farmers.


When it comes to choosing bedding for your bed, naturally we recommend MiniJumbuk.  Why? We asked around, and this is why our crew think you should choose MiniJumbuk for your bed.


Why choose MiniJumbuk?

It lasts for years! It’s great value especially when you buy it on sale.

I love that it’s locally made by my friends.

The quality is so good. I’d buy it even if I didn’t work here!

Buy MiniJumbuk. It’s the best recommendation I’ve ever had – it’s the ultimate.


Why choose MiniJumbuk pillows?

The latex pillows are the best – they’re so soft and comfy.

I love my Breathe+ Support pillow - it comes on holidays with me - so supportive.

My pillow was a bit flat. I like a higher pillow so I added a pillow protector. It’s amazing the difference - a bit higher and loads comfier.

 Breathe+ Support

Why choose MiniJumbuk Quilts?

I get hot at night and our quilt is brilliant for regulating temperature. Wool just breathes!

The summer quilt is so cool and light.


Why choose MiniJumbuk Mattress Toppers?

My favourite is my topper it feels beautiful - so soft and warm.

When my wife was pregnant, the Sleep Therapy was a game changer.

It’s taken my bed from a five to a ten!

 Mattress Toppers

Need we say more?

Why choose MiniJumbuk for your bed?