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What is the secret to good health? At MiniJumbuk, we believe the answer is healthy sleep. Often considered more important than both diet and exercise, deep restful sleep is not simply one of life's little luxuries - it plays an essential role in our physical and mental wellbeing. To help you achieve good healthy sleep, we've released our new Limestone Coast Wool range.

Located in Naracoorte, the heart of South Australia's Limestone Coast, and with nearly 50 years' experience in the business, it is unsurprising that MiniJumbuk is the home of Australia's favourite wool bedding. This new Limestone Coast Wool range adds another dimension to MiniJumbuk's wonderfully light and breathable quilt collection. In an exciting collaborative project MiniJumbuk is partnering with local farmers to source premium Dorset wool grown right here in our local region. It is this locally produced wool in our superbly handcrafted quilts that is the key to achieving healthy sleep.

The Limestone Coast region boasts a sensational Mediterranean climate. The mild to warm summers are accompanied by cool to cold winters. Rainfall, while predominantly winter based, falls moderately throughout the year. Our growers agree: it is the climate that makes our district ideal for sheep production. Reliable rainfall and healthy soils combine with plentiful fresh air and sunshine to ensure their sheep have a consistent source of green feed for most of the year.

In this pristine, low stress environment the sheep remain relaxed, calm and content. They simply spend their days concentrating on producing the highest quality wool fibres possible to fill our MiniJumbuk wool bedding. Happy sheep, healthy sleep - these happy Limestone Coast sheep produce soft, white and resilient wool - perfect for a MiniJumbuk quilt and perfect for a healthy night's sleep.

The Limestone Coast Wool Range

For Those Who Feel the Cold

Thermal Wool Quilt 500gsm

Designed for colder climates or sleepers who really feel the cold, the MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool Quilt is packed with luxurious warmth.

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For the Cooler Months

Warm Wool Quilt 450gsm

Created for sleepers that tend to get cold in bed, the MiniJumbuk Warm Wool Quilt offers additional insulation for extra cosiness.

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For Year Round Use

Everyday Wool Quilt 400gsm

A great all-rounder, the MiniJumbuk Everyday Wool Quilt naturally regulates body temperature throughout the seasons.

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For Hot Weather & Warm Sleepers

Cool Wool Cotton Quilt 225gsm

If you're the type of sleeper that tends to get hot in bed, the MiniJumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is the perfect choice.

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For the Hottest Temperatures

Super Cool Wool Cotton Quilt 150gsm

When you want more than a sheet but less than a blanket, the MiniJumbuk Super Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is the perfect option.

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