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Why the Limestone Coast Wool range?

Why the Limestone Coast Wool range?

MiniJumbuk has been making Australia's favourite wool bedding for over 45 years and has recently released the Limestone Coast Wool quilt range. Handcrafted in Naracoorte, in the heart of South Australia's Limestone Coast this range is the result of an exciting collaboration with local farmers. Supporting wool growers, businesses and communities in the region, MiniJumbuk premium quilts are now proudly filled with fine quality Dorset wool grown in the Limestone Coast.

So why choose Limestone Coast wool? MiniJumbuk Chief Operations Manager, Brett Woods says:

"It really made sense for us to use wool sourced from the Limestone Coast. We are an Australian company, Australian owned and the products we make are predominantly sold here in Australia. Limestone Coast wool has historically been a great wool growing region, and we've sourced wool from a number of dorset growers. Dorset wool's characteristics of good crimp and good loft, offer a nice resilient wool ideal for our quilts. We are lucky that we have some of the best wool in Australia right here on our doorstep in the Limestone Coast"

For MiniJumbuk, with an already strong connection to the rural and regional community, it makes sense to use some of the world's best wool in Australia's best wool bedding brand.

"There has always been a strong connection to wool and the region" says MiniJumbuk's Managing Director Darren Turner. "Our company was founded in the mid 70's by then shearer and now Chairman, Don Wray and it is a natural progression that we partner with our local farmers to bring their wool to life in our new range of quilts. Our farmers are delighted to partner with MiniJumbuk and know that their wool is improving someone else's life through better quality sleep"

Darren believes "If there is a choice to buy Australian made and locally made products, then why not make that choice? The more we support each other the stronger our country will be."

Support an Australian farmer and help build stronger rural communities - shop the MiniJumbuk Limestone Coast Wool range now.


The Limestone Coast Wool Range

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