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Introducing the Limestone Coast Wool Range

Introducing the Limestone Coast Wool Range

There is now even more to love about MiniJumbuk! MiniJumbuk has recently partnered with local woolgrowers and is excited to introduce our Limestone Coast Wool range. The Limestone Coast region produces some of Australia's finest wool, and this collaboration realises one of MiniJumbuk's long held dreams - to work closely with local farmers to produce Australia's best wool bedding products.

Located in Naracoorte, the heart of South Australia's Limestone Coast, MiniJumbuk has been handcrafting Australia's favourite wool bedding products for over 45 years. Our catch cry 'LOVE WOOL' is a reflection of our passion for this amazing natural fibre. Our farmers also love wool. Dedicated to producing a premium product, the wellbeing of their animals is paramount. With its abundance of fertile soil and reliable rainfall, our woolgrowers agree, the Limestone Coast offers the ideal climate for producing happy, healthy sheep.

MiniJumbuk Managing Director, Darren Turner, believes being located in a rural area offers a unique advantage to build relationships. Few farmers get the opportunity to see where their wool goes and the 'paddock to quilt' story is an exciting aspect of the project. From the farmer, through to the incredible MiniJumbuk team there is a sense of pride seeing their raw materials, care and attention to detail transformed into premium quality bedding products and shipped to major cities within Australia and around the world.

So apart from the diverse and stunning local imagery on the packaging, what can you expect from MiniJumbuk's Limestone Coast Wool range?

  • Australian Wool - supports local farmers strengthens rural communities
  • Australian Cotton - boosts employment in regional Australia
  • Airlight Technology - allows MiniJumbuk to create warmer quilts with less weight
  • Naturally low allergy - ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers as wool is naturally hypoallergenic
  • 7 year warranty - provides confidence in a premium brand

The Limestone Coast Wool Range

For Those Who Feel the Cold

Thermal Wool Quilt 500gsm

Designed for colder climates or sleepers who really feel the cold, the MiniJumbuk Thermal Wool Quilt is packed with luxurious warmth.

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For the Cooler Months

Warm Wool Quilt 450gsm

Created for sleepers that tend to get cold in bed, the MiniJumbuk Warm Wool Quilt offers additional insulation for extra cosiness.

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For Year Round Use

Everyday Wool Quilt 400gsm

A great all-rounder, the MiniJumbuk Everyday Wool Quilt naturally regulates body temperature throughout the seasons.

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For Hot Weather & Warm Sleepers

Cool Wool Cotton Quilt 225gsm

If you're the type of sleeper that tends to get hot in bed, the MiniJumbuk Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is the perfect choice.

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For the Hottest Temperatures

Super Cool Wool Cotton Quilt 150gsm

When you want more than a sheet but less than a blanket, the MiniJumbuk Super Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is the perfect option.

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