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Meet The Farmer: Nanni DiGiorgio

Meet The Farmer: Nanni DiGiorgio

Sterita Park is home to the DiGiorgio family. Located a short drive from Naracoorte towards Lucindale, Sterita Park produce outstanding sheep and cattle against a backdrop of towering gum trees and plentiful green grass.

Nanni DiGiorgio's father migrated to Australia from Italy in 1952. Despite trying several different places around Australia he kept returning to the Limestone Coast deciding the environment offered the perfect place to settle. He purchased his first 400 acres of scrub land, cleared a patch of dirt for the house and shearing shed and Sterita Park was created. Nanni now runs the family farm alongside his nephew who's recently returned to the Limestone Coast to work on the farm - it's really a family affair.

'The prize about this area (the Limestone Coast) is the climate and consistent rain fall, better known as the green triangle, which makes it a great place to raise sheep.'
- Nanni DiGiorgio

Initially, Sterita Park bred Merino Sheep for their wool. Nanni believes the good, healthy environment of the Limestone Coast contributes to the health and happiness of his sheep. Over the years they've moved away from Merino's, focusing on crossbred sheep and continually looking at ways to improve their wool micron and quality. Today they produce a soft resilient wool type that is ideal for MiniJumbuk bedding.

The DiGiorgio family are thrilled to be a part of the Limestone Coast Wool project. Like MiniJumbuk, the family's philosophy is all about building relationships - they believe it is a fundamental part of country living. This is one of the reasons why MiniJumbuk is proud to partner with Sterita Park and the DiGiorgio family for the Limestone Coast Wool Range.

Meet The Farmer: Nanni DiGiorgio