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Meet The Farmer: Peter and Kerry DeGaris

Meet The Farmer: Peter and Kerry DeGaris

Killanoola was established in the 1840's. The DeGaris family took over the property in the early 70's and have been there every since. Killanoola is a family affair with both Peter and his wife with their daughter Kerry, living and working on the property.

Kerry is passionate about the history of Killanoola and recently worked on restoring the original shearing shed which is still used today. The entrance of the shearing shed has an original timber wool press and a window above the door which was used to pull the bales out by horse.

The Bool Lagoon area receives a reliable rainfall throughout winter and into spring and the heavy black clay soils retain moisture well into early summer. Green feed is plentiful for most of the year. Lots of green feed means the sheep stay happy and grow quality wool!

'We want to be part of the Limestone Coast Wool Project because of the story. We're locals, we use MiniJumbuk - it's a whole paddock to quilt story - locals help locals.'
- Kerry DeGaris

For farmers, the weather is everything and the Limestone Coast is known for its good, consistent seasons. Reliable and plentiful, predominantly winter rain combined with the region's Mediterranean climate helps the DeGaris's produce the perfect wool for MiniJumbuk bedding.

Meet The Farmer: Peter and Kerry DeGaris