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5 reasons you wake up tired after a full night's sleep

5 reasons you wake up tired after a full night's sleep

For most of us, a great night's sleep sees us bouncing out of bed, refreshed and ready to rip into whatever the day has on offer. For others, it may take a little time (not to mention a shower and coffee) to feel properly awake. However, if you are regularly achieving a solid eight hours sleep yet waking feeling like you have not slept a wink, read on - there may be an underlying cause. MiniJumbuk explores some of the more common reasons we wake up tired.


Is it you? If your sleep schedule is out of sync with your internal body clock or chronotype, you will wake feeling tired despite having slept long and well. For example, many may identify as a night owl or an early bird. Owls, if woken early will not feel revitalised, struggling to open their eyes when their brain is still producing melatonin and sending sleep messages.

Is it your partner? Sharing your bed with a restless partner or one who snores, can interrupt and rob you of your much needed sleep - up to an hour or more each night! If your partner's racket is disrupting your rest, try some earplugs to block the noise and improve your sleep quality.

Maybe your bedroom? A bedroom that is too hot or too cold leads to restlessness that impacts sleep quality. Wool quilts and mattress toppers, with their unique temperature regulation properties, are a fabulous choice for bedding, helping to maintain an even body temperature throughout the night: perfect for uninterrupted slumber.

Did you eat something? Food and drink, choices particularly those made later in the day can disturb your sleep. Caffeine and alcohol are notorious contributors to poor quality sleep. Stimulants, they prevent you reaching the deepest, restorative stage of sleep that is essential for good health and allows you wake to reinvigorated.

Or are you unwell?Age, hormones, physical and mental health factors can all contribute to the quality of your night's rest. Even mild symptoms can mask a more serious sleep disorder. If you are at all concerned that despite long hours spent sleeping, you frequently wake feeling exhausted consider seeking medical advice.