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How food can impact your sleep

How food can impact your sleep
If you have been experiencing poor sleep lately, maybe it is time to look at your diet. Studies have determined that what we eat, or even don't eat, each day can have a powerful impact on our sleep quality. What they have also established is that the timing of our meals and snacks also has strong effects, both positive and negative on our quality of sleep.
With today's busy lifestyles it is all too easy to become side-tracked and miss a meal. When the hunger pangs finally hit, the choice of grab-and- go food can be overwhelming. Starving and desperate for a quick fix, the challenge lies in finding food that will satisfy your immediate hunger and benefit you long past that initial energy hit.
For deeper, more restorative sleep, data shows that low fibre foods with high levels of sugar and saturated fat are poor choices and can lead to interrupted sleep. Poor sleep also affects our internal body clock, messing with our circadian rhythm and the chemicals responsible for metabolism and hunger and further reducing our ability to make good food choices.
When it comes to eating for good sleep MiniJumbuk has a few tips to stop you tossing and turning, allowing you to wake refreshed and ready for anything.
  • Stick to regular meal times and focus on fresh, healthy foods and snacks.
  • Eating larger meals earlier in the day gives your body time to digest before bed.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and spicy food particularly later in the day - they are notorious causes of interrupted sleep.
  • Foods that contain tryptophan and melatonin can help promote sleep. Foods that contain this include milk, bananas, almonds, fish and spinach and are great additions to an evening meal.
  • Chamomile and other herbal teas can have a soothing, sedative affect for those who are looking for some warm comfort before bed.