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Build your bed from the base up

Build your bed from the base up

When it comes to good health and happiness, a great night's sleep is essential. Waking refreshed and revitalised, the sun is sunnier and life is just better after a night of deep, uninterrupted snoozing. The question is - how to achieve it?


Here at MiniJumbuk, we believe it's all about your bed; especially when you consider it's where most of us spend nearly one third of our lives. As you create your dream bed, remember you are not only investing in good sleep, but better health outcomes.


From your mattress to your pillow and all bedding in between, don't skimp on quality. Imagine the fabulously restful nights that await you and always choose the best quality bed and bedding that you can.

Your mattress is an expensive but necessary starting point. Using a Sleep Cool mattress protector can prolong the life of your mattress and is ideal for improving airflow around the body to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. Add a Sleep Therapy Mattress Topper and take the comfort of your mattress (new or old) to the next level. With its thick, fleecy wool pile and cushioning fill this luxurious topper helps reduce hip, shoulder and back pain for longer, more comfortable sleep.

Finding a quilt to perfectly suit your sleep requirements can be tricky. Fortunately, with a range of five to choose from, MiniJumbuk has you covered. Our specially designed, Airlight Technology layered fill allows you to select a quilt to suit your needs. Pick a warm wool quilt for the coldest winter nights or a cool wool/cotton combination for hot summer ones. Encased in the finest cotton, our quilts are soft and lightweight, draping cosily around the body, offering natural breathability and temperature regulation every night.

Selecting your ideal pillow can be tricky. Aim for a balance between comfy enough to sleep on and sufficient support to prevent neck and shoulder pain. The MiniJumbuk Breathe pillowis available in three profiles to maintain your natural spinal alignment and can help minimise the appearance of puffy eyes and pressure lines. You will wake up feeling fabulous and looking amazing too!


Build your bed from the base up