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Couples that sleep differently

Couples that sleep differently

For couples that run at different temperatures sharing a quilt can be the cause of conflict – one partner is too hot while the other is not warm enough. Fortunately, MiniJumbuk's range of Australian Wool Quilts, Mattress Toppers and Pillows can help you with this one.


MiniJumbuk is an Australian wool bedding specialist. We handcraft our premium quality wool pillows, quilts and underlays right here in Australia using specially selected Australian wool. Wool is a unique natural fibre that offers properties which enhance night-time comfort and make it perfect for use in MiniJumbuk’s luxuriously comfortable bedding products.


Couples that sleep at different temperatures experience temperature fluctuations throughout the night and these often occur at different times. When couples sleep with synthetic fibres, they heat up and perspire then throw off the quilt to cool down, experiencing the hot/cold cycle of restless, interrupted sleep all night.


MiniJumbuk bedding can help two people to sleep more comfortably together. Wool is a breathable fibre that is very effective at regulating body temperature. It is able to both absorb moisture and release it into the atmosphere, an ability that helps to keep couples cool when they’re hot and warm when they’re not. These unique thermal properties of wool will naturally adjust to the comfort level of each person so that they both sleep soundly.


And of course, if a nightly game of tug-o-war is the problem, we also have a quick fix. You simply need to super-size your quilt - choose a quilt one size bigger than your bed.


Couples that sleep differently