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Can house plants really help you sleep?

Can house plants really help you sleep?

The importance of good sleep cannot be overestimated. Deep restorative sleep provides so many benefits for our health and lifestyle, it's no wonder that we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our sleep.


In 2016, up to 45% of Australian adults involved in an Australian Sleep Health Foundation study reported either insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality. With sleep deprivation seriously impacting our daily lives, anything that allows us to achieve better sleep is worth considering. So, can house plants really help you sleep?


Evidence suggests that when it comes to sleep, there are advantages to indoor plants. Not only is the greenery visually soothing, some offer calming aromas and others work to purify the air, helping you to breathe easier while you snooze. Best of all some of them are really easy to grow!


Aloe - Apart from its therapeutic ability to soothe burns, heal wounds and rejuvenate tired skin, aloe absorbs benzene (found in many household cleaners) from the air for a deeper night's sleep.

Lavender - Renown for its potent yet soothing aroma, lavender can assist in lowering the heart rate, stress levels and blood pressure as well as help to relax the lungs, making it a useful plant for those who suffer anxiety.

Peace lily - Not only will these gorgeous, white flowering plants filter toxins from the air, they are also able to remove airborne mould spores from the atmosphere, using them as a food source.

Rosemary - Another aromatic and anxiety reducing plant, rosemary purifies the air while exuding its heavenly perfume. Additionally, there is some evidence to suggest that rosemary has a positive impact on memory.

Snake Plant - Growing from 20cm up to nearly 4m and thriving on minimal care, this stylish, strappy plant is brilliant for the bedroom, continuing to clean the air in your home, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen throughout the night.