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5 Gifts to Improve Sleep

5 Gifts to Improve Sleep

Anyone sitting bleary eyed and desperately seeking caffeine after yet another night of poor sleep would agree: the best gift ever is anything that offers a better night's sleep! And for those who already sleep well . . . there is always room for improvement. If you are searching for the ultimate gift for your family or friends, our list has something for even the hardest to please.


Blue light screen filter
Digital devices emit blue light that can cause eye strain and disrupt sleeping habits by interrupting the body's natural sleep/wake cycle. A great gift to reduce this light exposure is a blue light screen protector. Available to suit phones, laptops and even TV's, this gift will improve sleep and help prevent eye damage.


Travel pillow
Whether it's overnight on a plane or long haul by car, trying to sleep while travelling can be difficult. Travellers will hit the ground running after snoozing with the latest in travel pillows. Choose from the traditional 'U' shape or grab one with the space saving versatility of doubling as a scarf or jacket.


Sleep Tracker
Techie friends and family will love a sleep tracker. Designed to record sleep patterns, these gadgets determine sleep periods, rate sleep quality and can even provide options for better sleep. With a variety of models on offer, there is a tracker to suit every budget.


New Bedding
Falling into a comfy bed, kitted out with luxurious new bedding is guaranteed to result in a great night's sleep. Soft cotton or fine linen sheets are a terrific idea or splash out for that special someone with a new quilt or mattress topper. Opting for breathable, natural fibres will benefit sleep by preventing overheating.


Yoga Class
Light exercise or stretching can relax the mind and body before bed, making for a deep, restful slumber. A gift voucher for a yoga session or two will be truly appreciated. While you're there - make it a double and take the opportunity to treat yourself as well.