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Care and Cleaning of your wool bedding

Care and Cleaning of your wool bedding

Wool bedding is brilliant! Once you have slept with wool you will be delighted with its natural warmth, breathability and comfort. There will be no going back to those hot and clammy synthetic bedding products that leave you tossing and turning and waking in a lather of perspiration each night. Aside from the fabulously restful sleep you will achieve when you set up your bed with cosy, comfortable wool, you will discover that one of the best things about wool bedding is just how easy it is to care for.


Wool loves fresh air and sunshine. No more lugging your bedding to the dry cleaner or laundromat. Sunlight is nature's own antibacterial and MiniJumbuk recommend that several times each year you take advantage of a lovely sunny day. When the weather is good, simply hang your pillow, quilt or mattress topper on the clothesline for a few hours and lightly spritz it with water. The sun will work its magic: refreshing and revitalising the wool, minimising the need for laundering and prolonging the life of your bedding. For an extra boost of freshness add a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender or your favourite essential oil to your spray water.


MiniJumbuk has compiled an easy to follow product care checklist. This convenient list of hints and tips ensures that with minimal effort you will maximise the life of your wool bedding. Our storage do's and don't's provides practical ideas on how to safely store any spare quilts or mattress toppers, guaranteeing it will be in tip top condition next time guests arrive unannounced. MiniJumbuk recommends that before storing any product, it is clean and thoroughly dry. Our cleaning and care tips for quilts provides specific advice on caring for wool quilts, including spot cleaning hints for those smaller spills. And when it comes to caring for your MiniJumbuk mattress topper, it is good practice to run your fingers through the wool pile each time you change your sheets and to periodically vacuum the wool to maintain the pile.


Should your wool bedding require laundering, MiniJumbuk recommend that you follow the care instructions for your product. If you are unsure or have any concerns regarding washability, our friendly staff are happy to clarify customer queries. Simply email or call Toll Free 1800 088 834.